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Exhibit Profile

This specialized event on rubber technology invites suppliers and manufacturers to exhibit anything about rubber processing and also increase awareness about their products.

Classification Field
Raw Rubber Natural Rubber, Synthetic Rubber, Pre-Vulcanized Latex, Reclaimed Rubber, Rubber Components and Masterbatch, etc.
Rubber/ Latex Chemicals & Process Additives Coagulants & Anti- Coagulants, Sulfur-based Cure Systems, Non-Sulfur Cure Systems, Fillers, Antidegradants, Lubricants, Processing Aids, Abrasives, and Other Additives such as Homogenizing Agents, Tackifiers, Dispersing Agents, Flame Retardants, etc.
Rubber, Latex Processing and Tire Machinery Mixing Equipment, Extruders, Calendaring, Vulcanization, Tire Machinery, Molding, Slitters, Precure Tread Press, Retreading Equipment, Hose Manufacturing Equipment, Rubber Recycling & Reclaim, Rubber Molds, NR Processing, Footwear Manufacturing Technology, Rubber Glove Manufacturing Machinery, Rubber Molds, etc.
Rubber Testing Equipment & Instrumentation All types of Testing & Quality Control Instruments for Latex Processing, Rubber Processing and Tire Manufacturing.
Rubber Products Automotive Rubber Components, Metal Bonded Rubber Parts, Engineering Rubber Parts, Rice Rubber Rolls/ Polisher, Pre-cured/ Hot Tread Rubber, Gas Tubes, Rubber Hoses, Tires, Tubes, Flaps, Conveyer Belts, Rubber Gloves, Finger Cots, Shoes, Footwear, etc.
Services Publications, Consultants, Rubber Associations, Educational Institutions, Rubber Board, Rubber Institutes, Universities, etc.