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About Us

China National Chemical Information Center (CNCIC)is the world famous Chemical Information provider for China and the International market, engaged in Chemical consulting service, Publication, Exhibition and Conference organization since 1958. CNCIC is the national information collection, research and service institution for the International and China Chemical industry. CNCIC is also a China State-owned Organization.


The CNCIC Exhibition Center, was established by the former Ministry of Chemicalsin the year 1991. The CNCIC Exhibition Center has the experience of organizing Economic and Trade exhibitions both in China and several Countries. It enjoys excellent exhibition management and operation skills, , ability of shouldering civil responsibility and has specialized personnel in areas of planning, designing, organizing, managing, foreign language interpreters and construction. With its Government background CNCIC is authorized to apply for Government Subsidy which encourages Chinese companies to enter international market and also attracts more Chinese companies to attend international exhibitions organized by CNCIC.


In the recent years, the center has actively initiated many special exhibitions, in the areas od Chemicals, Water, Paper, Rubber etc". These exhibitions serve as a popular ground for many renowned enterprises in China and abroad to promote international trade. The center is committed to develop a platform for international markets and enterprises to participate in exhibitions all over the world.